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How Overlays Add Detail to Your Maps.

Each map maker has a unique style to their presentation, but often there are ways we can improve the way a map looks onscreen. Depending on screen resolution, bright light on a sunny day, or screen brightness to save battery life, many factors can all affect our ability to see details on our maps.

For instance, here is a series of screenshots of the Natural Atlas with subtle overlay additions to it.

As you can see, it is incredibly detailed, but because of its light colors it can be hard to see on a sunny day. In fact, it’s a little hard to see here on a white background. Here is a tip that can allow us to quickly see our map details and provide an even more enjoyable app experience in Topo Maps+. Each photo above has one more overlay added to it.

To make these changes yourself:

  1. Tap on the top right folded map icon.
  2. Select the Overlays tab
  3. Toggle on the US & S Canada Hill Shading and Neotreks Slope Map

Make sure the blend mode is on “Multiply” and Transparency is set at around 30%.    

You can purchase Pro here.

Combine Maps in Overlays

How can we combine individual map purchases to be seamless on the screen?

Let’s say we have separate map publishers or a map bundle with adjoining maps we’d like to connect like the National Geographic’s North Fork: Glacier National Park and Backroad Mapbooks Kootenay Rockies & Southern Alberta. All 3 overlap with each other and I’d like to be able to scroll from one into the next without having to go open a menu and select a different map.
I’m starting at a national level looking at the Natural Atlas base map (though any will work) and nothing specified for Canada.
I’ll tap on the top right folded map icon and select the Overlays tab.
I’m going to drag this card up a bit so I can see what I’m doing and then select the Map Overlays.
Here I’ll scroll down to the maps I’d like to connect over the same base map and toggle them on.
I’ll make sure the map settings are on “Normal” so they are stacked above the base map to be visible.
Now, I’ll close these cards and scroll in on the maps we just connected through the overlays. As you can see the National Geographic map scrolls seamlessly into the Backroad Mapbooks map.