Topo Maps+ 5.0

Topo Maps+ 5.0 is here!

Moved features

A number of features have been moved to new locations in Topo Maps+ 5.0.

Downloading and printing maps is now under Prepare to go offline.


My Data has been moved to the menu.


Recording tracks and progress on trail are now under Hike.


Card Interface

Route, tracks, and waypoints are now displayed in a “card” interface on top of the map.  This new interface makes it easier to access properties, notes, and photos.  You can also move the card up to see more or move it down to have a minimized view.



If you have multiple cards open or if you want to access the toolbar, you can double tap on the top of a card to see the toolbar and all open cards.


Compass and Location

You can access GPS information about your current location and the compass by tapping on the blue location dot on the map or via the hike menu.

Snap To Trails

You can now create new routes by having them snap to trails.  When you tap on the map, Topo Maps+ will attempt to find a route to that location using trails from the Open Street Map and using any trails that you have traced on the map.



Updated Custom Routes

In Topo Maps+ 5.0 you can now add loops, in-n-out, and spurs to custom routes.  To create a custom route you access it via the Add menu.

List of Trails

You can now see a list of all trails in the area you are looking at by using the trails menu on the toolbar.